My dad, Dick,
in Hawaii, 1946

Dick (on the right)
with another Marine

Semper Fi!

The Bar-Room Billboard
    Vintage Cocktail Sign

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The Bar Room Billboard is a nostalgic, vintage mixology sign of over 100 unheard of cocktails and their original recipes. This unique, one of a kind original sign was created by a Marine Corp. Veteran, Dick, and his buddies during WW2. Later it hung in the room where Dick and his cronies met regularly to play poker, smoke cigars, and imbibe in cocktails reminiscent of the era. Cocktails like the Artillery, Bermuda Rose, Depth Bomb, Earthquake Shake, and Rattlesnake are nostagic recipes appropriated by the group of WW2 Marines, dubbed “the alcohol squad”. The sign also includes some familiar cocktails like the Gin Fizz, Bourbon Highball, Tom Collins and the Manhattan.

In a time when cocktails were the drink of choice, the imagination to create a new drink often occurred to the “the alcohol squad”. Now, you too can enjoy these creative cocktails. Whether you display this vintage bar sign in your home bar room or as a part of your business bar decor, this unique original will conjure up interest, conversation and, of course, new cocktails to add your repertoire of mixed drinks.

Own yours today and enjoy a highball on the “the alcohol squad” crew.

NOTE: The nostalgic Bar-Room Billboard is a decoration for display purposes only. Not all of the drink recipes listed have been tried by the seller. The seller will not be liable for drinks being consumed and causing ill effects. Try them at your own risk and PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

(For every order a percentage of the sale price will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization serving military service veterans; when ordering more than 10 posters, please email for discount and wholesale pricing.)

More nostalgic posters illustrating traditions of the past are in the works - please check back!